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limiting the time logged on per session

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  • limiting the time logged on per session

    i have a father who has had back surgery, and his recovery depends on lots of bed rest. the problem is that he tends to be a net junkie. so instead of resting, he's often on his desktop causing his feet and legs to swell.

    since he doesn't listen, i wanted to know if there was a way to restrict the time logged on per session. ideally, i want to allow a 20 minute logon time, after which the system logs him off and doesn't allow him to log back on for about an hour.

    i have win2k3 std and ent on two servers.

    i wanted to set a GPO that would accomplish this. i know you can set login hours, but that's not what i need. unfortunately, i can't find anything along the lines of what i want to do on the net.

    i came across something here, but it involves a script. i'm a bit hesitant to implement a script because i know nothing about the contents of the script.