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Replacing a server - Addressing workstations

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  • Replacing a server - Addressing workstations

    I have 2 question intertwined here.
    I'm rebuilding a server (2003) that was migrated from 2000, and is still in 2000 mode.
    Can I rebuild this server and use the same domain (if I make the AD the same)?

    If I have any issues and I have to re-attach my computers to this domin, is there a way to do it w/o screwing up my accounts?

    I'm sure many of you are familliar with replacing your server and trying to make it seamless. I know I will have to redo my norton av server and my other software that is installed.

    Thank for any help.

    BTY, I looked for a similar thraed and really didn't find this instatnce.
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    Re: Replacing a server - Addressing workstations

    Do you have an existing DC in the domain you want to add the new server to? If you do, use dcpromo to promote the new server into the new AD. This is how you join a server to an existing domain. It will ensure the AD objects on the existing AD are sync'ed to the new server.
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      Re: Replacing a server - Addressing workstations

      If this is a single DC then no you will need to join allyour computer back onto the new domain.

      If you have more than one DC then you can run adprep on the cd to upgrade the schema to 2003. Once that is done you only need to install Server 2003 and DCPROMO.

      Give us more info then we can start getting specific about what you need to do.