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User problem on PDC

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  • User problem on PDC

    Hi everyone,

    Got a very strange user problem on my PDC. Ive got a PDC in a forest of 6 PDCs . Got the strange phenomena that user who are login in getting the mesage "your account is been disabled" the strange part is when i look into the PDC the accounts are not disabled. After a password reset it function again most of the time. Some users got more troubles after they change their password everytime when they try to login they got the message"your account is been disabled"and the PDC shows no problems. I already have auditing on and the event files are telling me nothing.
    Im thinking it could be replication or DNS who can help me.

    Greetings from Holland


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    It could also be time issues. So check if the time on the PDC's is in sync.
    Best Regards

    Heino Skov
    System Consultant


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      User Problems on PDC

      Hello Heino

      THX but thats not the problem the time on al off the PDC is in sync

      Greetings Edwin