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Windows 2003 Server Folder Sharing

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  • Windows 2003 Server Folder Sharing

    Hi all, this is my first time posting.

    Here's the situation:

    New Windows 2003 server and domain

    I have loads (1300) of home directories on my school server.

    With windows 9X's limitation of mapping to a share only the simple
    thing to do is make a share out of the home directory. - (simple if
    you like to right click a lot).

    I can use xcacs to assign NTFS permissions to the folders. I think, at least it worked in W2K.

    I have a text file from Active Directory with the users name which
    matches the users home folder (already created).

    I would like to use this text file as a input file with a either a VBScript or using the net share command. The permissions need to be set to full for everyone as I use NTFS permissions to lock out the unwanted.

    Also can you use the net share command to share the home folder as username + $ so that all the shares are hidden (keeps it very clean this way)

    That's it!

    Very simple for the right person, which I am not.

    Any help would be greatly appreaciated.

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    not the response you want but why not knock a script up and assisgn it to a GPO in a logon that will map more than one drive. That way users will have a mapping to the folders and also a mapping to their home drives.

    just interested as I do a simular job, how did you fix the printers to work?, all I could do was create an IP port on the admin account direct to the printer (using roaming profiles they gain all printers in the directory if you list the printers in the directory etc so it's hard for the kids to choose).

    This caused a problem though mapping straight to the printer as when the kids all print at the same time, the printers jam up! I have a programm but it didn't work so wondered how you did it.


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      Hi, I use a batch logon file to assign mapping to shared public folders and use the connect local drive to line in the AD user account to map the drive letter to the users shared home folder, only now there not shared. I'm open to new suggestions on this to make it either simplier and less clicking.

      For printing I've done the same by creating an IP port on the domain controller. I share the printer on the domain controller and then manually configure the computers to print to the correct printer in each IT suite by creating a new local port and giving it the share name that I set on the DC. i.e \\ada\hp_b12 This is good as the kids only see the one printer and we don't get problems with print outs appearing mysteriously all over the school. But it does'nt resolve your issue of printers jamming when they all print at the same time so every now and again I just delete the queues.