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New SBS2k3 machine

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  • New SBS2k3 machine

    If I build offline a new Sbs2k3 machine with identical setting of the existing one,is there any way to import from a backup only the part of AD related to users, computers and SIDs ?
    Swing and ADMT methods are too complicate and not 100% safe(and anyway you have to manually transfer a lot of things) so having possibiliy to build offline the new machine not in hurry the only thing I would like to avoid is removing users and computers from the old domain and rejoining them.


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    Re: New SBS2k3 machine

    You should of posted in the SBS section


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      Re: New SBS2k3 machine

      Duh! Dude, double posting is not allowed around here. You should decide quick if you leave this post or the other one ( and delete one of them.
      And, please! Read the forum rules. People get unwanted vacations for not following them.

      Added: I see now that you followed Pulsen's advice and posted the same question over there... This is not how it is done. One of the Administrators/Moderators could have moved the thread for you to the right forum, should you have asked. Anyway, you have to delete this thread...
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        Re: New SBS2k3 machine

        We'll leave this here for a couple of days so guidoelia can see the way it sould be done and then it will be removed.

        Thanks Sorin & Pulsen.
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