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SHARES, rules, specifications

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  • SHARES, rules, specifications

    Hi Guys,

    I have two computers that we connected with USB network cable because they do not share any phsyical network, and one is on our internal network, one is connected to external network.
    We need to create rules on the files that can be copied to and from the SHARE on the server, is there any way to apply that, even with 3rd party util that i need to buy?
    for example i want only TXT files to be approved on that share.

    Thanks, Retaliator
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    Re: SHARES, rules, specifications

    If you connected them with a USB network cable then they now share a physical network. So - your external network and your internal network are now connected together with no security... *BEAM* That's clever!

    I don't know of a way to limit the file types on a share - unless your server is 2003 R2 - that OS comes with "File Server Resource Management" which I believe allows this sort of thing.

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