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Sites & Services- is this setup supposed to work?

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  • Sites & Services- is this setup supposed to work?

    I've got a forest with 11 domains. Each domain represents a seperate company which conencts to our head office network. Most of the domains are 1st level (below the root) and contain at least one DC on site with DNS & WINS & DHCP.

    I am normally accustomed to setting each of the remote domains as seperate sites and letting Sites & Services create automatic links b/w each site for replication. I was a little shocked when I saw the S&S setup here. It looks like this:

    Active Directory Sites & Services []
    Inter-site Transports

    That's it.

    It seems to work but I'm worried that somewhere along the line something is going to crash to a halt.

    Each of the Domains is on a seperate & unique subnet.

    Should I change this setup?
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