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Migrate Ip range

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  • Migrate Ip range

    Hi all;

    We are getting out of IP adresses in our DHCP Scope. Firstly we tought about changing the subnet mask to ( in order to get 1024 Ip adreses. the thing is that people are telling me that it should be better to change IP range to B Class (172.16.x.x).
    We have a domain with one DC and an Exchange 2003 Server. What should be thre procedure to change IP range without having any DNs problems or other.


    David. Madrid. Spain.

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    Re: Migrate Ip range

    Class B range, what are you going to do with 65,534 addresses. Subnet them perhaps, just like the Class C ones you have at present?

    How many IPs do you need now and for future expansion?
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      Re: Migrate Ip range

      We want to change from Class C to class B


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        Re: Migrate Ip range

        hi actea,
        Are you using DHCP server or manual ip address. If you are using DHCP server then create new scope with you new ip address range, then disable your old scope. After two / three days or when you will find that all your clients are using new addresses. You can delete your old DHCP scope. It should not be a problem if you are using Class B without subnetting.


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          Re: Migrate Ip range

          I really don't think it is a good idea to use a class B range without subnetting.
          I am using a SM with DHCP for few years now without any problem. I am working now on a solution with different scopes for different clients, depending on UserClass and/or VendorClass.
          actea, what you did not say is how many IPs are you short of.

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            Re: Migrate Ip range

            There are only 10 Ip Adresses left. We are going to need 50 more at least. So in order to forget this for a few years i want to subnet a Class B network with this mask (Already told this).
            I'm not asking if it seems good or not, i have to do it, i want to know in what things it can give trouble. We have Linux, Windows 2003 Server, Exchange server, Oracle 10.
            What things should i take care of.