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win 2003 server as a member server

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  • win 2003 server as a member server

    Is it possible to add a Windows 2003 R2 server as a member server to a Win2K Domain without running ADPREP /Foreestprep and /Domainprep?

    Will it cause any problems in the Doamin?

    I'll run ADPREP later on when I'm sure if I'm going to install Windows 2008 Server and determine what I need to do.

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    Re: win 2003 server as a member server

    ADPREP is a utility to prepare an AD Domain's Schema for a newer version of the OS. An AD Domain's Schema is stored on Domain Controllers, not on Member Servers. You can have member servers of any Microsoft OS which is aware of AD, regardless of the Domain and Forest functional levels or the OS version of the DC's.

    What you CANNOT do is promote a Windows Server 2003 (ANY revision) to Domain Controller in a Windows 2000 forest/domain without first running the relevant ADPREP utility.

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      Re: win 2003 server as a member server

      Thank You for the info Tom

      My server is now up and running on the domain as a member server only.