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New domain tree in existing forest.

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  • New domain tree in existing forest.

    Hello everyone.
    I have three boxes with win2k3.
    The first runs as DC with a DN domain.local
    the second is a child domain hq.domain.local.
    I have installed exchange 2003 on them with no problems.
    I want to create a new domain tree on my third server something like domain2.lan and run exchange on it as well.
    It look though that I have replication or trust issues.
    The Parent domain is a GC and has its own internal dns with a forwarder on the ISP's DNS. The child has no DNS.
    The new domain tree has its own DNS and forwards to the ISP and Parent DNS.They all on the same subnet 192.168.1.*
    Now when I try to delegate exchange admins rights to the new domain tree so I can install the mailserver I get the error that the "object could not be found.
    I try to find the admin on the domaintree by running a query from AD (entire directory) but it returns nothing.
    I also try to connect to the new tree DC (which is listed in parent server) but I get error "the DC could not be contacted the RPC server is not running" The RPC's though are running on all servers.
    The strange thing is that I can connect to the domains/DC/s from the new domain tree and run queries successfully.If I try to test the validatin on domains and trusts for the new domain tree I get the error "you cannot modify domain or trust info because the primary PDC could not be contacted.
    I assume that it is a DNS misconfiguration but I really don't know.
    Any help appreciated it.
    Thanks for any replies.