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server 2003 unattended installation

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  • server 2003 unattended installation

    I am setting up a an answer file for a server 2003 install on a blade server. My question is in the data section, can I set Repartition=NTFS? Also, can I just set the partition size in the answer file or would I still have to manually enter that by setting AutoPartition=0?
    Any help is appreciated.

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    Hi jme,

    As far i as know, you can't set the partition size in the answer file.

    If you set Autopartition=0 you'll have to manually manage partition during textmode installation.

    Repartition=NTFS would only work if Autopartition=1. In This case, the installer will delete all existing partitions then create a new one which will use all available space of the ard drive then format it in NTFS.

    Please have a look at

    hope this help