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  • IPSec Certificate Request

    Hi there,

    Trying to move our VPN to L2TP from PPTP. For some reason i'm unable to request an IPSec certificate via the certsrv webpage, it's simply not listed when you go to "Advanced Request".

    I added the Certificate Template for in on my enterprise CA, am able to request Basic EFS and User certificates via certsvr, but no others.

    Anyone got any ideas as to why i'd not see IPSec Listed? Even if I login as an Enterprise admin, i'm unable to request an IPSec certificate via certsrv.

    I'm sure it's something simple i've forgotten to do, but ohh wlel.

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    Re: IPSec Certificate Request

    Hrm. Looks like I was after Office Request rather than just IPSec. I can now request IPSec (Offine Request) certificates which is what I need.

    Now to try and work out why it's still not working