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Internet not working at home

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  • Internet not working at home

    I have feeling this might be a hard problem to track but i'll ask anyway.

    I made some changes to DNS on firstly my group policy - DNS server IP address and secondly on the DNS server i allowed for secure and non secure updates.

    Would making these changes effect internet access at home? They could connect to the wireless but weren't able to get an internet connection.


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    Re: Internet not working at home

    change it back. you remember what you did to get where you are, right?

    manually set the DNS in the NIC properties..., and give it a whirl.

    can you ping the gateway? how bout the DNS? what does a 'ipconfig/all' give ya?

    did you pay your ISP this month?
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      Re: Internet not working at home

      Cheers for the reply

      YES! ISP isn't the problem for sure!

      When i was at home I did manually change the DNS to the correct one but that didn't work.

      Having said that when i changed the group policy setting Comp Settings - Admin Temps - Network - DNS Client - DNS Servers and ran gpupdate etc. the DNS change didnt show up on the NIC even when on the domain so it must change something deeper down than just the NIC so maybe thats the problem. I have changed it back to nothing now anyway and will see when i get home if that was the problem. Hope it is otherwise i don't know what to do!!!


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        Re: Internet not working at home

        Just read the description of the group policy setting. Here it is

        Warning: The list of the DNS servers defined in this setting supersedes DNS servers configured locally and those configured using DHCP. The list of DNS servers is applied to all network connections of multihomed computers to which this setting is applied.

        This must be my problem.


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          Re: Internet not working at home

          It was my problem! Glad that problem was sorted!