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Windows 2003 server OS as A Home Server

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  • Windows 2003 server OS as A Home Server

    I got from microsoft windows 2003 server standard ver.
    for 180 days

    now , I would like to take a P III with 384 MB ram and to make from it a home server

    also , I will get from My ISP A static IP

    Where I can start learn how to install / manage / IIS / and etc.

    At home I have 2 desktop computer
    1 laptop computer (not always connected to the network)

    also I use ECI ADSL modem (ETHERNET)
    with Cable/DSL Broadband Router with VPN support
    (Barricade Plus SMC7004FW)
    link :

    SO , what I have to do ?? the big question :
    first I would like to share Printer ; To have a remote access to my network , to have email in my network
    I already have a domain address which I bought :
    would like to use it in my network (for emails accounts , host a small web site of my father company and etc.)

    where I start to learn how to do all this things ?
    The rules DO apply to me.

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    MCSE world is enough for you

    I have similiar environment as you do, except mine is PPPoE not static IP. If you like server 2003 to manage the whole network, you probably need two NICs on server. One for ADSL and one for the hub or switch (you also need hub/switch). Install the server 2003, get internet connected. Set up the routing role, and create a NAT for internal network. Make sure all desktops and laptops can connect to Internet. NAT interface has built-in DHCP. If you like, you can set up a DHCP server for your network. Or, you can assign private IP for each computer so that they are acting like static IP computers. (Beware the IP conflics) Install IIS/6.0, Terminal server, and pop3 server for email. SMTP setting is in IIS. Active directory , DNS server is recommended for your home network. These can be found on our site.