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moving user accounts

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  • moving user accounts

    hi everybody

    i have got one server and too many user accounts on it. my user accounts are local.

    now we bought a new server. and i wanna move my local user accounts to my new server. is there any way to do this action?

    thanks alot

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    Re: moving user accounts

    Don't think it can be done with servers... unless you use imaging software that you can restore to different hardware.

    But why not use Active Directory? Then you wouldn't be running into this situation.
    If you install AD it will keep your existing groups and users. You then can join the new server to the domain or install AD on it and it will replicate the accounts to the new server.

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      Re: moving user accounts

      Maybe some details would help? What does my user accounts are local.
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        Re: moving user accounts

        I don't know if this works. There's a tool that was included in the Windows NT Resource Kit called AddUsers.exe which will export local users and groups along with their descriptions [but not passwords] to a comma delimited text file. This same tool can then be used to create the user with the same names on a different server. The tool works with NT, 2000 and 2003. Unfortunately,it won't provide much help with the passwords.