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  • DHCP relay agents

    My clients network configuation is that in one room he has Subnet A which is joined by the router with Subnet B . Subnet A is hosting DHCP server. The subnet B does not have dhcp present. All clients have static addresses. The router that is joining both subnets is very old machine it doesn't support dhcp relay or BOOTP. I am in process of configuring subnet B to obtain ip addresses from Subnet A dhcp server.
    I am thinking to replace this router with Windows 2003 DHCP relay agent. Then network configuration would be

    Subnet A ------------ WIN 2003 DHCP Relay Agent ------ Subnet B

    I am wondering do I need to put router too or DHCP relay agent will perform routing between subnet A and Subnet B too.
    Subnet A is using and B has

    I have created two scopes in DHCP server. One scope contain addresses and other one I configured with addresses. Do I need to put both of my Scopes in super scope

    Thanks in Advance
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    Re: DHCP relay agents

    If your using a RRAS on a Windows 2003 Box as your DHCP relay agent then you should also be able to configure it for LAN routing to bridge your two subnets.

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