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Dns Dot Zone Error 9002

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  • Dns Dot Zone Error 9002

    Hi All,
    I installed new 2003 + SP2 that is DC (GC) and start DNS on it.
    I have other DC (GC + all FSMO) that is 2003 +SP1 + DNS.
    The zone is AD integrated. On my firsd DC DNS is OK.
    On second that I installed (that with SP2) i saw this repeating error:
    "DNS server encountered error 9002 attempting to load zone . from Active Directory"

    I found this KB Q294328 but for 2000 server. Should i use this method to solve this error.
    Is it possible only to use
    dnscmd /config . /bootmethod 2

    All 2 DNS servers work and resolve names but this error appear CONTINUOUSLY.
    I can not see "." zone in DNS Manager!!! - but

    DNSCMD /ZoneInfo . show me info for this zone

    Any help?

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    Re: Dns Dot Zone Error 9002

    How are setup DNS servers in the tcp/ip properties of the netwokr card ?
    Are you using forwarders ?
    Stub zones ?

    Hace a nice day,

    Simone Chemelli
    MCP (Exchange 2003)

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