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NT4 to Server 2000

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  • NT4 to Server 2000


    I know comparable questions have already been posted, but I've been unable to locate what might work in this situation:

    -NT4 server acting only as PDC
    -Application server running 2000 Server
    -The admin would like the 2000 Server to take over as the PDC, and simply remove the old NT4 box
    -Only 40 user accounts, so the admin would not mind recreating the usernames, shares, rights, etc.

    On the surface this seems really simple to me, but after reading a couple other posts, I'm now concerned with DNS, as well as possible other problems. I'm thinking we just create a new domain, build the user accounts, and go from there. Any thoughts as to why this isn't a good solution?

    p.s. email, VPN, website, all adminstered by third party provider

    Thanks a lot!

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    You have more than one option here.
    What I would do is:
    1) do in-place upgrade of NT PDC to W2K with AD
    2) run dcpromo on Application server and configure it as additional DC in AD
    3) move the FSMO roles to application server
    4) demote the original NT (now W2K) box

    yet couple thoughts:
    1) Running AD on application server is not a good idea. Personally I do not run ANY applications on DC except the AD services
    2) why not upgrade NT to W2K and keep it this way ?
    Guy Teverovsky
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      Thank you for the suggestion! Ideally, it'd be great to just upgrade the NT4 box, but it's only a 500 MHz machine, so the admin would like to phase it out. I also would like to see them have a server dedicated to AD services, but I don't think they're willing to buy another box.

      Thanks again!


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        Re: NT4 to Server 2000

        I have a similar situation I inherited.

        1 Win2k AD and 1 NT4 server. NT4 'server manager' reports Win2k server is PDC and NT4 server is BDC. The Win2k was installed and "joined" the NT4 domain, as opposed to a new install creating a new domain/forest.

        Since the Win2k server has all the FSMO roles, what is the danger in just turning off the NT4 server and proceed as if the NT4 server never existed?

        It there something "magical" about a new Win2k/2k3 install with a new domain that is not covered by the FSMO roles?