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Redundant DC / Replication Partner

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  • Redundant DC / Replication Partner

    I have two 2003 servers in my network. One is a DC and the other is running Exchange 2003. Because this second server is running Exchange does this automatically make it a redundant DC / active directory replication partner or do I still need to go through the steps of making this server a second DC?
    Also if the latter is true, is this ok to do on a server running Exchange?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Re: Redundant DC / Replication Partner

    Hi Backspace,
    Installing exchange server on windows 2003 computer doesnt make it as DC. For creating DC on that computer you need to run DCPROMO. You can install Domain controller and exchange on same machines but recomendation practise is not to put exchange and DC on same machine


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      Re: Redundant DC / Replication Partner

      Note too that Microsoft doesn't support going from DC to member or member to DC while Exchange is installed.

      You can read more here.

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        Re: Redundant DC / Replication Partner

        Right I know Microsoft does not support going from member to DC with Exchange installed. So that cuts the idea of a redundant DC on that server (note to self: use brain before posting).
        I guess I was thinking that the Active Directory Connector installed with Exchange might in some way allow the Exchange server to become a active directory replication partner but I do not think this is the case.
        What I really want / need seems to be a third server setup as a redundant DC so that if the PDC goes down or fails the redundant DC still contains all the AD info and can even be used to restore the AD info to a recovered PDC.
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