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Win2K3 - Raid 5 question

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  • Win2K3 - Raid 5 question

    (*EDIT* the title should display - Win2K3 - Raid 5 question)

    I have a Windows 2003 Standard Server with a raid 5 setup (controlled by hardware). Whoever set this server up initially didnt allow enough room to future growth.

    Anyway, the drive is partitioned 3 times (C, D, F drives). The C and the F drives are running low on space. The drive is also basic (viewed through Disc Manager in Windows).

    Without messing around with the raid setup, since the drive is "basic" can I add another drive (same specs) to the server and, using Partition Manager, increase the size of the C drive (and F Drive) onto the new hdd?

    I dont feel comfortable messing around with the raid and possibly screwing something up, especially since this server is their MAIN server which hosts critical data that is shared among 4 remote offices (this server is also an Exchange Server).

    Any help and suggestions are appreciated.
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    Re: Win2L3 - Raid 5 question

    The Disk Management applet in the Computer Management MMC is useless to you in this case. To add a disk to the array you will be relying on the RAID controller software which came with the RAID card. For instance HPOpenManage has a GUI-based tool for the RAID controller, and IBM's ServerRAID Manager does the same. You can, using these tools, add a disk to an existing array and it will automatically incorporate it. However I don't know if you can do this with users accessing the logical drives.

    P.S. using Windows Default tools you cannot extend a "Basic" disk. If you used Partition Magic etc I think you can, but I'm not sure what the effects would be on your array; the original size would be RAID 5 (but looks like a single disk to Windows) but the rest of it would be on a single disk. Sounds dodgy to me...
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      Re: Win2K3 - Raid 5 question

      As Tom stated, the ability to add a drive to the array and extend the array size w/out having to drop and recreate the array is a function of the SW that comes w/ your HW.

      AFAIK, Partition Magic won't run under a server OS so you'll have to boot a WXP instance to use it. If you get the array increased in overall size AND you configure a WXP instance that can see the drive then it is very possible you could rearrange the drive sizes to fill up the extra space using Partition Magic.

      You will take an outage on the server for a number of hours and there's that licensing issue on that WXP instance run through a BartPE or ??? plus I'd make darn sure I had all the drives backed up well (C: using Ghost or equiv.)

      As Tom says, "dodgy". If it were a DEV or TST box, I'd go for it. If PRO -- I'd consider every other alternative first.
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