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needed guide : how to install a web server based on win 2000

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  • needed guide : how to install a web server based on win 2000


    hello to evryone.

    I would like to establish a web server and to store on it web sites with domains on the internet.

    the server will be seat at ISP company in Israel.

    I would like the server be based on win 2000 server OS.

    I am looking after a whole guide which explain how to take a clean computer and to establish a web server based on 2000 server.
    with explanation of evry step I need to make

    lets say , I finished to establish the server which based on win 2000 server.
    now I would like to install a program like :

    so , where I start to learn everything in the internet ?
    The rules DO apply to me.

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    You can find many guides around the net on how-to setup IIS 5. You'll probably find that your biggest hurdle will be getting the web-based admin tool configured and working correctly.

    Just an FYI, you might consider the IIS Admin Control Panel, its free and has most of the functions found in cPanel, Helm and Plesk which are rather expensive. As of right now however cPanel has no Windows version, its in production with no scheduled release date.

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