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    This problem may be impossible to fix, but I'd like to see if anyone has any ideas -

    The University where I am attending has completely closed every inbound TCP and UDP port into the dorms. In order to run my domain controller / Exchange 2003 mail server, I had to move it to another building on campus that doesn't have the standard port 25 and 80 blocked.

    My problem is that the University has the usual ports of 135-139 along with 445 blocked so none of the Windows Server 2003 functions work with the clients in other buildings. I have been able to get Exchange working via RPC over HTTP, but is there a way to be able to logon to my domain and get access to my drives, etc? I have tried setting up a VPN connection, but when a workstation tries to connect, it hangs on the "Verifying Username and Password" dialog, so I don't think the routers are passing the encapsulated packets.

    My idea to cure this little dillema was to see if there are a few registry keys that I can edit that will tell both server and client to use a specific port that I know if not firewalled (such as 6001 and up)? Is there a way to move the endpoint mapper (port 135) up to that range?

    Any ideas are appreciated. I am very new to this so bear with me!