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hosted exchange 2003

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  • hosted exchange 2003

    I am running a windows 2003 domain in my corporate office and want to out
    source my exchange services to a local datacenter. Is it possible to
    integrate my AD users with this exchange server that is offsite? If so, what
    are the necessary tools i would need to purchase to accomplish this? Any
    help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

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    Re: hosted exchange 2003

    Well are they using exchange? or jsut some email server without AD features if its your own Exchange and part of AD then you would via VPN but if not i think most work by you just downloading via pop3 from off site to local. You cant host a exchange off site with out VPN or some kind of connection to that server for authentication, if you could do it it be front end, back end deal but i wouldn't do it with out VPN. I could be wrong be awhile since im done it that way.


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      Re: hosted exchange 2003

      Yes, i have thought of the VPN device whether it be hardware or software using Microsoft's routing and remote access VPN server. Either will work, but the hardware based would obviously less of a load on the server and the bandwidth would be horrendous. What about this scenario. What if my ISP is in the same data center as my hosted exchange server. I have a block of public IP's that i have configured on my LAN interface on my router. Take one of the IP's from that block and NAT it to the private IP of the exchange server on my same subnet as my network. Would this work? In theory if i am correct, it would be like an extension of my current network routed over the internet!
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