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How to rebuild 1 of 2 DCs?

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  • How to rebuild 1 of 2 DCs?

    Hello, could someone point me to a good step-by-step guide to rebuilding a Windows Server 2003 domain controller with AD, DNS, DHCP, etc.? I have two Windows Server 2003 domain controllers. I'd like to rebuild the first using the same hardware, and give it a new name. Thanks! --Steve

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    Re: How to rebuild 1 of 2 DCs?

    A few critical initial steps:

    1. Get any and all necessary services and FSMO roles (including Global Catalog if applicable) transferred to a different server.

    2. When ready to rebuild, be sure you properly demote domain controller status using the dcpromo command. If you just shut the box off and reformat it without running dcpromo, you're going to have all sorts of cleanup to do in Active Directory.

    3. After removing it from AD, it would be a good idea to spot check your replication on remaining domain controllers. If you only have one DC left, it shouldn't be trying to replicate with anything, but check the event logs, replmon, and repadmin anyway.
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