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Synchronize the time from DC

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  • Synchronize the time from DC

    Hi all, i need some help with a sync of time.
    I need to synchronize a workgroup PC connected to Internet with a domain controller in an organization.
    The domain controller is a Windows Server 2003 and the client (Workgroup PC) is Win XP.
    I need to have this configuration because the time in the workgroups PCs and the DC must be the same.
    If anyone has an idea to implement this, plz help, thanks.

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    Re: Synchronize the time from DC

    Not too clear on whether the Workgroup PC are in a seperate workgroup or are actually a workgroup within the Domain? Do the "workgroup" PCs authenticate to the DC or are they standalone PC that only connect to each other but are on the same subnet as the DC?
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