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  • VPN Connection

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a question about a VPN on my server 2003 computer. I was at an off-site location and did a VPN into my headquarters location. Connected fine and it looked like I was on the network.

    The problem I was experiencing was that the only remote desktop I could connect to was the VPN server. I could not do a remote desktop with any other computers on the network.

    I decided it might be a privileges issue, since I use a different VPN login name then I do when logging on locally. So I tried viewing the My Network Places from the client computer I was on. The only computer I showed in the domain was the client I was VPN'd in on.

    I must not have a setting properly set but I am not sure where to start. I need to be able to do a remote desktop with any computer in the domain at headquarters. I also need access to my file server thru the VPN.

    Does anyone know how I can correct this?


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    Re: VPN Connection

    see the link below this might help you
    MCSE 2003,MCSA- Messaging 2003, VCP


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      Re: VPN Connection

      Thanks entadm I think I will try removing the role and then starting from scratch. I believe that was the same doc I followed when setting it up but maybe I missed a step.

      Thanks again


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        Re: VPN Connection

        Ok, so I looked through all the tech articles on the MS website that I could find and I think I have discovered my problem.

        All the pages I have read about are saying that when you configure the VPN server you first select the NIC that connects the server to the internet. Then the second NIC is used on the intranet. Thus the VPN acts as the router between the internet and the intranet.

        Here is my problem, I am not using the VPN as the only router. I have my broadband modem connected to a netgear router then the server does double duty as the DC and also the VPN. So inessance both NIC's are a part of the intranet. One card does not connect to the internet and the other to the intranet. Thus the VPN server is not acting as the true router.

        Given my setup does anyone know how or if I can do a true VPN into my network? BTW when I setup the VPN connection on my server I selected the VPN and NAT connection. Should I only be selecting the VPN without NAT?


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          Re: VPN Connection

          I think I remember reading a senario like this when prepping for a cert exam. The server is a member of the domain... right? I think I remember something about being sure you have domain membership and windows integrated log-on selected?

          It's early and I am not fully awake yet. I'll go back and see if I can find it.... it may help both of us!
          Currently working towards CISSP
          Certified Network Specialist
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            Re: VPN Connection

            Originally posted by racerdeb View Post
            The server is a member of the domain... right?
            Kind of....the server is the Domain Controller, DHCP, and I would also like it to be the VPN server. There is pretty much no load on the server since it is only for my small business which consists of me and 1 other employee, thus I was hoping I could get away with these roles.


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              Re: VPN Connection

              So I have tried reconfiguring my VPN server without the NAT option since I don't believe I need it. I also double checked my relay agent to ensure that the connections are being made and I am still have the same problem.

              I took a look at the technet website and found this:

              I believe the last option is what I am experiencing; "VPN clients are unable to access resources beyond the VPN server."

              But if someone could translate and tell me how to do what microsoft is suggesting I would truely appreciate it.