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win2k logon problem

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  • win2k logon problem

    I am confused with whats going on, i have set up user accounts in active directory in domain controller security policy i wend into windows settings - security - local policy - user rights and specified the groups thati want to logon locally.

    the group members can physically logon successfully from the actual server but when it comes to logging onto another machine i get the following error message " the local policy of this system does not permit interactive logon."

    even administrator account has this problem noone is in the deny logon locally policy i even put the everyone group in logon locally.

    Is there something that i need to do on the win2k client?
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    the other machine that users are trying to log into, is it another domain controller or a workstation or a member server?

    if it's another domain controller, you'll need to configure the default domain controller policy on that machine.

    if it's a workstation or member server, configure the default domain policy in Active Directory to allow logging on locally and you can force the changes by typing secedit /refreshpolicy machine_policy in the command prompt.