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GPO migration to WINDOWS 2003

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  • GPO migration to WINDOWS 2003

    Ive a windows 2000 server that its de only DC in my network an i have only
    one domain. Now ive installed a new windows 2003 server in a separate
    machine. Ive joined de windows 2003 to the domain as a additional DC. Ive
    tranfered the 5 Roles from the windows 2000 and ive selected it as a golbal catalog server. Active directory and DNS was
    My goal its to "eleminate" the older windows 2000 server.

    I have this problems:
    1. Windows xp and 2000 clients, lost the relashionship with de server.Ive to re-join to domain (why?)

    2. In windows 2003 server,if i try to access to the gpo management it gives
    an error that "path not found" and asks me to select a server. If i select the older windows 2000 server
    it opens the console (why?), but if i select the new windows 2003 server it fails and the options stay disabled.

    Please help.
    Thanks for all