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Problems with WSS 2.0 site migration

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  • Problems with WSS 2.0 site migration

    We've been trying to migrate a wss site from one server to another.
    Using a STSADM backup didnt succeed. There was an error message stating that there is a file/software versions inconsistency that does not allow it.
    I think the source of the problem is the fact that we've used Frontpage 2003 to edit sections of the site, which changed parts of it into english (the original portal is hebrew only).
    Does anyone know this problem? Is there a way to restore the hebrew only mode without destroying or changing the site's content and structure?


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    Re: Problems with WSS 2.0 site migration

    Have you tried using the same FrontPage as a backup and restore mechanism. I have read reports of sites that can be backed up in their entirety by FP2003 and then restored/deployed to others using the same tool. I just don't know if Hebrew "breaks" this or gets broken by it.

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