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IsDomainMaster registry setting - recommendation

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  • IsDomainMaster registry setting - recommendation

    I have 3 domain controllers on my windows 2000 AD domain.

    I've have issued a gpo to disable browser service on all my computers on my network, i kept getting errors of computers forcing elections.

    I ran browstat and it picks up dc1 as master brower and dc 2 and dc3 as my backup browser.

    all my dc's have the following settings.

    in registry:

    \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SYSTEM \CurrentControlSet \Services \Browser \Parameters

    IsDomainMaster is set to FALSE

    MaintainServerList is YES

    Since my DC1 is my main PDC and holds all the FSMO roles (for now).

    Do you recommend me setting DC1's IsDomainMaster as TRUE ?

    Would there be any side affects? I'm thinking if I had to reboot my DC1 or it went down somehow, on reboot back, it should force it self to be the DomainMaster again when it comes backup.

    I am hoping this wont affect my redudancy on my network. If my DC1 goes down, I want DC2 or DC3 to be there to pick up authentication.

    Any recommendations.

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    The backup server will always take care of the authentication and other tasks if main dc is unavailable but only for few days