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Tranferring Domain Controller to new Server

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  • Tranferring Domain Controller to new Server

    I have purchased a new Server with better hardware than previous one.
    NOw, i want to transfer the role of Domain Controller to new server so that all my 75 clients log on to new server instead of old one.I dont want to build a new domain on new server as it will cause me rejoin all 75 clients to new machine(back-breaking task).Old server is running Windows Server 2003 32-Bit Standard Edition and New Server is running Windows Server 2003 64-Bit Standard R2.
    The OS of new server is totally legal while of old server is pirated.
    After transferring role to new server, i will decommission old server.
    So, what steps i should take to transfer DC role to new server.
    Transferring DC role will ensure that all 75 users created in old server get copied on new server.
    i have developed a checklist of my own to perform task.
    1. Make new server ADC
    2. transfer PDC, RID, Infrastructure to new server.
    3. In active directory SITE and Services, put check mark on new server name as a global catalogue and uncheck old server.
    4. perform replication b/w old to new.

    is above tasklist okay or needs modification...please guide me.

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    Re: Tranferring Domain Controller to new Server

    Here is what i would do.

    Install Server 2003 onto your new hardware.
    Update server using Windows Update.
    Change from Dynamic to Static IP addresses if needed.
    Add the DNS Suffix to both the netwrok card and the more screen on computer name properties.
    Add machine to the domain.
    Install DNS, DHCP, WINS and any other needed services.
    Run DCPROMO on the new machine and create an Additional Domain Controller for an Exisiting Domain.
    Make the new machine a GC and remove the GC feature from the old server.
    Allow for replication to occur overnight.
    Transfer all FSMO roles from old machine to new machine.
    Transfer all the data from old machine to the new machine.
    Transfer printers from the old machine to the new machine.
    Changed the users logon scripts to point to new shares that have been created on the new machine.
    I always let users logon to the new server before turning off the old one.


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      Re: Tranferring Domain Controller to new Server

      Here is what I would do.
      I would run a swing migration as in because I want the server name to stay the same, the shares and printers and especially the USER PROFILES to remain. In other words, I never want to touch the desktops if I can avoid it.
      So essentially I do the same as WullieB - just twice. Believe me its quicker than going round 75 desktops!
      One step that WullieB missed out, is that after you have decommisioned the old server you either have to dcpromo it out of your AD or actively force/delete from there later. So you can do that on your swing server which means you have your AD on your new server withoutthe original server in there. Then install your new server and again do as described by WullieB, but call your server the original server name. Then when you are ready, you can slide the new server into place with only the data to be backed up/restored, the shares created as before and any special permissions to be given.

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