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Adding new domain to network.

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  • Adding new domain to network.

    Hi all, ill try to keep things simple cuz i need your advice on somthing im gonna do.
    i have a domain in my site and we just merged a new company with another domain at the site.
    the CEO order to move our entire factory to there site, but keep the work as it is...
    mean two domains in one network, mean two exchange server, mean he want everyone to be able to work normally, just relocating my servers and domain to a new site.
    i wondered if it is doable...
    what i need to prepeare to that king of reloacation...
    their domain running on 10.0.0.x and mine at 192.168.0.x
    do i need to disable my DHCP ?
    do i need to do anything special or just move the server and plug them ?
    Can two exchange server can run under same IP? what preperation i need to make to be able to do so ? (domain configuration ? dns ? )
    i know a bit long question but for the next two week i need everything to be done so ill be happy to get some good advices from you expert out there.
    thanks ahead !

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    Re: Adding new domain to network.

    Ok it looks like its not going to be small job doing this.
    I may miss a few things here but i'll give it my best shot.

    - Migrate all the users from one domain to the other
    - Disable one dhcp scope and use the other, or go with a completely new scheme.
    - With all the users in one domain, have both mx records pointing to the one exchange server and use the recipient policies to determine who has what email address.
    -Then you can do what ever you want with the second server

    Hope that helps