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DUN to 98 from 2000 server

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  • DUN to 98 from 2000 server

    I have a w2k server pc that i want to connect to a win98 pc via dialup connection. My problem here is no user and password cannot be authenticated during the connection. It always prompts the error 691: access was denied because the username and/ or password was invalid on the domain. To clarify further my settings, i have just simply enabled the allow caller access on the win98 pc and it has no domain settings on it or complicated network settings. what so ever even in my w2k servere pc.

    Both machines are standalone pcs.

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    Re: DUN to 98 from 2000 server

    Did you the error?
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      Re: DUN to 98 from 2000 server

      yes,didn't find any suitable answers. Include windows logon name is not checked and when connecting 98 dup server it asks for domain name.Which name should i give? I am able to connect from 98 to 2000.