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Migrating to 2003 Server environment

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  • Migrating to 2003 Server environment

    I was wondering if any of the forumites had any documentation (self created or other) indicating the step by step implementation of introducing Windows 2003 DC servers into a mainly Windows 2000 server environment. I am currently running Exchange 2000, and I have read some issues on upgrading the AD and how this could affect Exchange 2000 AD entries.
    Unfortunately, I am being required to upgrade some branch office servers to replace older servers with Windows 2003 and these will need to be DCs for replication and user authentication, plus RIS. Since the main corp office will not have a 2003 server implemented yet, would this cause an issue? Exchange 2000 is in the corporate office, on a member 2000 server. This is the central email distribution. I assume this server can stay on 2000 with Exchange 2000 as I migrate the DCs to Windows 2003 server. But it will be mixed for some time. Most likely, other existing servers, will be upgraded (OS -> 2003). Eventually, I am supposed to get new servers for the Corp office (which at that time) will replace the main DC here which all the other DCs in the branch offices replicate from.

    Any help or directions to detailed documentation (Yours or the internet) would be of great help for us.

    Please let me know so I can give you an email address..