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2003 Router - Login Server Error

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  • 2003 Router - Login Server Error

    For simulated WAN testing I have configured a windows 2003 server with two NICS, DNS, IPROUTING and DHCP. The two networks have different subnets, but are routed by the 2003 server. Computers on each of the two subnets can ping each other, and can map to shares on the routing server, but they can not map to shares on the other machines. To debug I have opened security up to allow Guest and Everyone without password, but even that fails. When I try to map to a share I get the error message stating that "There are no Login Servers available to handle my request".

    10.10.10.x <----> 2003 Router = <-------> 10.10.11.x

    Both subnets can map to the router.
    The router routes the packets.
    You can't map to a share on a machine other than the router.

    What did I miss?

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    Re: 2003 Router - Login Server Error

    Instead of mapping a drive using the computer name or DNS name, try mapping using the IP address.


    net use \\\myshare

    What happens then?

    If that fails, ensure the server service is running on each machine.
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