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Unable to rename DC after server upgrade

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  • Unable to rename DC after server upgrade


    I'm sorry if the question was already answered on another topic, I couldn't find anything exactly similar while searching for the issue.

    We needed to upgrade our old DC 2003, and I did it in 2 steps:

    1) Joined a new DC to the domain, and transfered all the FSMO roles to it.
    2) Demoted the old DC and renamed it.

    Now, when I'm trying to do the third step and rename the new DC to the old DC name (needed for various apps), I'm getting "computer account already exists".

    I'm searched both the DNS, WINS and the AD, and couldn't find any remains of the old DC name.

    Any idea how to find it and completely remove it?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Unable to rename DC after server upgrade

    You need to be at the highest forest and domain functional levels to rename a domain controller (or a domain for that matter) and this process is really not for the faint of heart. Confirm you have completed this step first.
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      Re: Unable to rename DC after server upgrade

      Have Enterprise Admin rights, tried to follow this Petri article:

      On both of the methods I'm receiving errors.


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        Re: Unable to rename DC after server upgrade

        I don't know if this helps but I used a document from TechNet "Domain-Rename-Procedure" to rename a domain and one of the steps was to use a command rendom /clean to remove attributes from AD through the domain naming master domain controller. It sounds like a caching problem somewhere and it just needs to get flushed out.

        I'm no expert and I don't know your situation but this might work, if you try renaming the DC before demoting, then when the other DC is brought back up and renamed there won't be any conflicts with the name.


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          Re: Unable to rename DC after server upgrade

          Strangely enough, this Petri article helped me cleaning old DC data from AD:

          But in the future I will surely rename the DC BEFORE demoting it .