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WSUS & cpu usage + V3.0

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  • WSUS & cpu usage + V3.0

    Recently Ive noticed that the sqlserv.exe process used by WSUS is running at a near constant 100% whenever I make a small change within the WSUS console (for example, changing the approval status of an update). Its making it near impossible to use, Im on 2003 server with 512Mb ram, 2.4Ghz cpu.

    Also, have any of you updated to WSUS V3.0 released recently, if so, was the update process painless? In view of the problem Im having with V2, Im debating whether to try out V3 in the hope it performs better so would be pleased to hear any opinions on V3 so far.

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    Re: WSUS & cpu usage + V3.0

    1. WSUS v3 Read because at only 512 Mb Ram it will struggle if not hang. v3 is very memory intensive.

    As far as your 100% CPU usage is concerned. Are both servers fully Service Packed & patched? and which version of SQL Server are you using?
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      Re: WSUS & cpu usage + V3.0

      As I have stated in one of my previous WSUS posts, WSUS has turned into a PIG. Best to have ample hardware to run it, especially if using MSDE to back it locally (as opposed to a separate SQL server).
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        Re: WSUS & cpu usage + V3.0

        Thanks for the info.

        I today patched the WSUS server (which also runs Windows Deployment Services for Vista and XP image rollout) and amusingly enough, the large update patch for WSUS V2.0 ended up killing WSUS "Error connecting to the Windows Server Update Services database" - was the message I got when launching the admin control panel. Restarting the SQL and WSUS services made no difference.

        Im currently reinstalling WSUS V2


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          Re: WSUS & cpu usage + V3.0

          I have a question regarding the behaviour of WSUS update installs.

          I set my clients to download and install updates at 3am each morning.

          This would be fine were it not for the seemingly unwritten company policy that seems to suggest that all PCs be shutdown overnight (presumeably a cost-saving initiative, although Id suggest the benefit of having uptodate and patched computers outweights a minor electricity saving).

          Where a client PC cannot install update(s) because its switched off, will it simply wait again until the next scheduled time for install, or will it install the next time it is able to (ie when its switched on again). Today Ive found that several computers are trying to install updates during the day so Im assuming its the latter but I wanted to confirm this.

          Thanks in advance