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2003 Server: user account corruption some advice needed :(

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  • 2003 Server: user account corruption some advice needed :(

    Hay guys i have a very wierd problem

    We have a windows 2003 server domain control and exchange 2003 with web access

    We have head office running 20 clients of this server and remote sites accessing OWA for all there email

    Recently few random users rang me to tell me that they couldnt login to OWA.

    When i checked this, they type in there password time after time and the user / pass prompt keeps comming up till they have exceeded there max password retrie.

    So i decided to login and see if these accounts work locally on a PC within the head office.

    And this is the wierd problem

    Some users were able to login: i acceseed OWA from there profile and then, it was eccessable to them via web.

    Many of the other users are not able to Logon

    I can sit on the windows XP logon and try to logon 100 times with the correct user and pass and nothing happends, the account dosnt get locked out, i dont get any failure audits

    I have no idea how these accounts have gotten corrupt, only major change the server had was .net 2.0 install

    The only way i have over come this is to delete the user backup the mailbox to .pst recreate the user and then import the mail box?

    does any one have any advice on how i can troubleshoot these corrupt user accounts.

    As id prefer to not be deleting them all?

    Any help would be great

    Thank you

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    Re: 2003 Server: user account corruption some advice needed

    To Sum this up:

    Some users cannot access OWA via the branch office
    Some users cannot log onto the domain in the branch office

    Users can access OWA and log onto the domain fine in the head office

    Is this correct?

    If there are no failed access attempts in the audit logs on the DC's and users accounts are not locking out it sounds to me that they cannot contact the (Or any) DC.

    Can you tell us a bit more about your set-up and how the branch office is connect to the main office?


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      Re: 2003 Server: user account corruption some advice needed

      Also have a dig through your IIS logs for the OWA site, they'll be somewhere here:

      For specific details and locations on your log files go to the OWA website in IIS, right click and select properties, at the bottom of the resulting box you'll find all the log file details including name and location.

      Could be a permissions issue on some of your OWA site directories but these logs will certainly tell you if this is the case. If you find that this is the problem check the following article:


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        Re: 2003 Server: user account corruption some advice needed

        Hay guys thanks for your help

        Sorry i might not have been clear enough,

        The head office has the main DC and all users are joined to the domain and logon locally using outlook

        all the remote sites are connected to the head office Via VPN..

        But all remote site Pc's are not part of the domain, simply a workgroup, this was due to the speed of the links.

        All remote sites access OWA via
        this is avaliable to the public world...

        Now this is the problem, some random user accounts cannot access OWA. but i dont think this is the problem

        E.g User - Joe

        When i tried loging in Joe user at a PC in the Headoffice that was joined to the domain, i couldnt log Joe in, after numerous attempts with the right password he couldnt logon to the XP machine, His account did not get locked out and i got no failure audits. All other user accounts are working fine.

        The only way i could fix this was to delete the user account backup the mailbox to pst and later re-create the account.

        This is why i think its a user account corruption of some sort?

        If any one has any thoughts or questions please, let me know thanks a lot