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Can't Manually Load Drivers

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  • Can't Manually Load Drivers

    I tried searching for this, but didn't end up finding anything. I have a server running SBS 2003 sp1. The hard drives are in RAID 1 via a RocketRaid 2310 raid card. This driver isn't shown on the driver list for the offline password recovery tool. I tried following the directions for manually loading a driver, however I just receive a list of the drivers available from the CD. It never gives me the option to get the drivers from anywhere else. Is there anyway I can get the drivers off of a floppy drive? or perhaps a usb key?

    On the screen it says
    NT Partitions:

    and nothing is listed.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

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    Re: Can't Manually Load Drivers

    "RocketRaid 2310" and have a look at what is displayed.

    As you will see from the Google list, the below option is 2nd.

    Post back if you are still having problems after downloading the driver.
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