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Cannot logon to PDC emulator - domain not available

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  • Cannot logon to PDC emulator - domain not available

    Background: I have an 8 site domain

    -Each site has a DC that was DCpromoed when in the head office site.
    -Each DC is also a GC.
    -Each DC is also a DNS server referencing itself for DNS with the Head Office DC as secondary DNS and the forwarder for all non-domain queries

    I noticed that when I moved the branch DCs to their new sites in ADS&S I needed to manually delete their old IP addresses host records from DNS

    Issue: When I reboot the DC in head office (which holds the FSMO roles) I cannot logon to it until I have connected to another DC in another site and restarted the Head Office Netlogon service a couple of times. The message I receive when attempting to logon is that "the specified domain either does not exist or cannot be reached"

    Head office users also find issues in running GPO and get a similar error message in the USERENV log

    When I look in DNS, msdcs.domain has SRV records for servers NOT in the site specified i.e. . I have DCs and GC SRV records from other sites at all sites

    Running DCDIAG and NETDIAG only shows replication errors caused by sites being offline (the reason for each site having it's own DC)

    My question: I have looked at the only other multi-site domain I have access to and checked it's DNS records-it only has the DC specific to a site listed for DC and GC records. Should I manually remove records from my DNS so that each site in DNS only has the SRV records specific to itself?
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    Re: Cannot logon to PDC emulator - domain not available

    Are your site links set up in Inter site Transports in ADS&S also have you set up any required sub nets?
    Are they 2003 or 2000 controllers?
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      Re: Cannot logon to PDC emulator - domain not available

      Hi Andy, Yes all DCs are in correct site with correct subnets but I seem to have fix/workaround that gets me past.

      I have added one of the other DC/DNS servers as secondary DNS and it seems ok now from last test (not really keen to reboot this server too much!)

      Also found an article in another forum talking about how if Active Directory starts before DNS does, Netlogon won't work properly - the fix? Give it half and hour or so and it sorts itself out.

      Note that runnig DCDIAG, Netdiag and NLTEST I could not produce any errors or failures (other than FRS and KCC where another DC could not be contracted for replication due to failed links)
      Another test was to nslookup on _tcp.dc._msdcs.DOMAIN (syntax may not be correct as is from memory) and this failed, but when i tried on other sites I have access to, including single SBS servers, multi DC etc they all failed this test so not sure if that's a valid indicator either.

      I would still be keen to try any other recommended tests or fixes if anyone know any.
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