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Hp LaserJet 4 Xp/2003 drivers

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  • Hp LaserJet 4 Xp/2003 drivers

    Does anybody know how to make this printer work correctly using the network driver under Windows 2003 Server?
    The only Xp Drivers I could locate are dated 2002.
    The symptoms are: graphics don't get printed, and text is only sometimes printed. (especially hebrew)

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    Are you using the PostScript or PCL version of the drivers ?
    Guy Teverovsky
    "Smith & Wesson - the original point and click interface"


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      tried both

      No Go..


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        please try to install a Postscript driver
        i did it with OKI printers .


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          You can try the Postscript driver if you wish, but you'll need to make sure the LJ 4 has the Postscript module installed in it. I can't remember what happens if the PS module isn't installed. It either prints garbage, or tells you that the [erspnality is not installed, on the printers control panel. If it's just a straight LJ4, then chances are it doesn't have the PS Module. If it's a LJ 4M (M standing for Mac compatibility) then it will have the PS module.

          The other likelyhood is that your printer is running out of memory. Test might not print right, because it may be missing the correct font card. When you have trouble printing, is there any messages on the printer such as "Image Adapt" or anything at all?

          Timothy N. Couch.