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    I have had windows 2000 server installed and running fine for some years now. Then I lost the disk that we bought together with the key. I purchased another disk from an authorised reseller and they assured me that the licence key that i had with the firsdt disk would work fine if we ever needed to reinstall the operating system.

    the vendors, of course, have gone bust and i can't get anyt help from Microsft since this software is no longer supported?

    naturallyI believed them! Now we are installing the whole win 2k server software again due to a multiple disk failure that took out our server and we have ground to a halt with the requirement for the licence key. I have tried to use the work around that is posted on this site which should enable the disk to load without the key but it doesn't seem to work and always grinds to a halt at the requirement for a key.

    Does anyone have a key or a way of using an esisting key or a way that works for loading up the software?

    help we need to get this baby up and running again!

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    Re: licence key

    The problem is that the version you're running now is not the same version you have on CD from the reseller. The originall is probably OEM and the reseller version is not.

    Your best solution would be to get the media (OEM probably) for Win2k. Where you can come up with that, I don't know.

    Next option is to purchase a license key for the media which you have. This is basically the same as purchasing a new copy of Windows Server 2003 and installing that which you might consider in this process.

    Third option is to continue to plead your case with Microsoft as much as you can to see if they will give in and give you the necessary key (unlikely in part due to the outdate OS you're running).

    Fourth option is to go underground, the less legal route, which I will not comment on further.

    I am sorry to hear of your troubles. Hopefully you've learned a valuable lesson about backups, DR, documentation, testing your media, etc.
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