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Vista on Win Server 2003 Domain

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  • Vista on Win Server 2003 Domain

    Hi to All,

    I have added a Vista Ultimate PC to my domain Win Server 2003 R2, and it work.

    On Desktop of Vista PC I have create a new link (with Xp work fine normally) like this:

    This link run an Oracle App on the Server.

    But when I run the link, a message error is displayed: Internet closed, while no Internet connection founded.

    But the internet on vista work fine !

    Have You an idea about this behavior ?

    Thank You and Best Regards.

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    Re: Vista on Win Server 2003 Domain

    Try adding into the browser's proxy exclusions on Vista. From your info it looks like it is trying to access the Net (http:// ) when it should be staying inside the network.
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