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Changing the Subnet in a Windows 2003 Environment

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  • Changing the Subnet in a Windows 2003 Environment

    Hello All,

    I'm a consultant and one of my larger clients had their original servers setup by another company and unfortunately their subnet is I'm having major problems with DNS resolution for remote users whose home network has the same subnet (i.e.: our server is while their home gateway is the same!).

    My question involves changing the subnet in a Windows 2003 environment. We have about 10 servers, 2 of which are domain controllers and DNS servers. We have one router that is also a firewall. Pretty basic setup: servers have static IPs, clients have dynamic, DHCP is given by a DC running DHCP,

    Is it a simple task to change the subnet to, say, ? Other than DHCP, DNS, and the firewall settings, what else should I be aware of. Is this too ambitious of a project?
    New York City