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Sysvol folder empty after Replica procedure

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  • Sysvol folder empty after Replica procedure

    New member. Followed all guidance on installing Replica 2003 server. In some instances, when results differ from those anticipated, it's not clear how to proceed.

    [BTW, I did a search on "Sysvol Empty", which is the crux, and while I saw an entry which said "I did EXACTLY as it appears on the screenshots on [replica topic]", it appeared to be a dead end. Other hits forum-wide did not seem to apply.]

    At Step THREE, first checkpoint: "1. See that the Administrative Tools folder has all the AD management tools installed." DNS was not present (also missing were Authorization Manger, Local Security Policy, Network Monitor and Telephony; I have Domain Controller Security Policy and Domain Security Policy which are not in the screen shot).

    So I for starters I installed DNS from Add Windows Components. I see main server, user accounts, etc., and that seemed to carry me through to one of the last checkpoints: "6. Check the Sysvol folder for the presence of the required subfolders." Sysvol folder is empty. I followed the link to Troubleshooting DCPromo errors, but no reference there to Sysvol. Stopped and started Netlogon service. NG.

    I DID notice that my SOA Primary Server is the *current* server, and it seems logical that if this is a Replica, the Primary should be the original 2000 box. Don't know. Also counterintuitive is that the Security tab of the Properties page in Forward Lookup shows domain admins having Read, Write, and Special - not Full Control - permissions.

    Any guidance appreciated.

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    Re: Sysvol folder empty after Replica procedure

    Hi Wilbur

    Because of the nature of this problem and the many causes that could account for it I would suggest another Google'ing and try
    replication fails in sysvol
    which is more accurate. I won't insult your intelligence by stating the obvious.

    I hope you resolve this
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      Re: Sysvol folder empty after Replica procedure

      And check W2K3 SP1 firewall is switched OFF!!

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