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  • raid 5 setup

    I have 5 SCSI hard drives,

    should I put the boot drive (main drive where the operating system resides in) in teh RAID 5 scheme or just keep the main drive as a basic and the other 4 as a dynamic raid 5.

    are there any problems with putting the main drive (operating system drive) into a raid-5?

    i'm loading windows server 2000 on it.

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    There are two schools of thought. One says to take two of the drives, mirror them, and make it your boot / system volume, then take the remaining drives and create a RAID 5 array for additional volume(s). Most installations I've seen these days just RAID 5 the whole thing. If you only have one controller, RAID 5 all drives is the way to go. IMHO, YMMV.


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      I'l go with the the first one mirror system\boot disk is very usefull


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        It should be no problems with OS installing in the RAID partition (as I know, correct me if I've wrong) The choice is depend to you, depend about your disk space requirement and available budget to buy a new hard drives if necessary. If we can save money why not? Make a decision according to your main consideration, you have some choices. I suggest to separate system partition/disk with data's to prevent us trap in the office for the whole night just for backup data when we have to recover the system.
        1. I choose to configure 4 hard drives as RAID5 for data purpose (if space requirement fulfilled) and 1 hard drive for system only with 3 partitions: system, data and image (system backup) in others slot. This is to make us easier recover the system and performace issue (different hardware controller will give more speed). You don't have to use RAID for system redundancy, considering Norton Ghost/Windows dynamic disk feature for cheaper solution (you can do that with 1 disk only), but it will affected performance for last choice (W2K dynamic disk) but I think it's not it's not a big deal.
        2. If a space requirement is your problem configure the whole drives as RAID5 with different partition for system and data. Also consider to buy additional disks to prepare additional data in the future.
        All is your choice, unless your system is a PDC it's recommended to create a BDC for redundancy purpose.