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Mandatory Profiles not working

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  • Mandatory Profiles not working

    I have created a test user and logged onto and off the domain which writes the profile up onto the profile server. I wish to make this a mandatory profile, therefore I alter the extension of NTUser.dat to However when the test user logs in again, changes are able to be made which reflect up onto the server profile after the account has logged off.

    Upon looking at the profile directory, I can see that a new NTUser.dat file has been created.

    The test user account has modify access to the profile dir.

    If anyone is able to assist Id be grateful.

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    Re: Mandatory Profiles not working

    Have you checked that is inheriting permissions from the folder?


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      Re: Mandatory Profiles not working

      I moved the profile to a new server location and lo and behold this now works.

      As an aside Im of the opinion that mandatory profiles are more trouble than they are worth, I cant begin to imagine the howls of derision from people who saved items to the desktop which are no longer there. Profile size is an issue here, Im not so sure draconian measures such as this are the answer however


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        Re: Mandatory Profiles not working

        You could set the desktop wallpaper to a JPG that has mandatory profile instructions.

        If profile size is the issue, why not use Group Policy to limit the size? The policy lives here:
        User Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\User Profiles
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          Re: Mandatory Profiles not working

          I haven't tested it but I believe you can redirect the desktop and the items will be saved since they are not kept in the profile.

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