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  • administrator password


    We are using administrator as a common account for most of the services or application to run. Now the situation has arised where we want to change the administrator password or rename adminstrator. But if we do so, i am sure lots of application will have a problem. Is there a way i can run a command/tool on all my server & see which application/services are using administrator account to run. Also how can i restrict administrator account to logon as service only so that it is denied login in to windows.?



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    Re: administrator password

    If you bring up the service list, the far right hand colunm is "Log On As", in that column is listed the user that every service is running under.

    If the server is a DC only administrators will be able to logon to it so youe could you any user for the service really, they just have to have whenever right you require for the service to run correctly.

    If its not a DC I believe to local policy has a setting for deciding who can logon locally or not, but I can't remeber what policy it is.