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nt4 upgrade

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  • nt4 upgrade

    Planning an NT4 upgrade over the next few weeks. Please let me know if this is reasonable:

    1. Install "spare" server as NT4 BDC, promote to PDC.
    2. Upgrade spare server to win2k3 and AD.
    3. Install production win2k3 server. Promote to PDC. Migrate fmso roles, etc.
    4. Install second production server as win2k3 'bdc'.
    5. remove spare server.

    My big question is DNS. Currently, there is no in-house DNS. I'd rather not load it on the spare server, only to migrate it over to a production server. Any suggestions there? Or overall?

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    Hi pwstrain,

    Yeah ur methods would just do. But pls remember to configure DNS, without DNS ur client m/c will not be able to resolve the domain controller and hence will not be able to login as "ADS" is highly dependent on DNS.

    When we migrated our NT server to 2000 server we faced lot of challenges( ofcourse we loved that challenge) because our main DNS server i.e., our master DNS server was a unix with BIND. So our testing process went for nearly 3 months and then we finally migrated to 2000 server with unix DNS server. "ADS & BIND" a good combination