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Finding on server 2003 user owend data

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  • Finding on server 2003 user owend data

    Is there an "easy" way to find a users data (files, folders) on a win2k3 server that uses quota management?
    There is data on the server of above 50 users and I need to take out data owend by one of the users.

    Any recomindations on 3rd party apps that can do the job?


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    Re: Finding on server 2003 user owend data

    Any 1?


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      Re: Finding on server 2003 user owend data

      Repost and explain in a clearer manner exactly what you want to do. I am totally bewildered by your original post.
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        Re: Finding on server 2003 user owend data

        I think i understand what you want.

        You have 50 Users who all have access to the server.

        You want to find all the work created by one specific user and extract this from the server to a seperate location.

        Is this correct??

        Don't you have home folders setup where your users store all the files they create in??

        or is this data that needs to be accessed by others??

        My initial thought is to run some sort of search on the drive but the windows search option isn't too hot. You could maybe try something like google desktop search or Copernic Desktop Search (i think thats what its called). I don't know if these apps will do this though.


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          Re: Finding on server 2003 user owend data

          What's going on here is that the user has quota management enabled on their disk.
          Quota management determines the space used by a user by the space used by files that have that user as their owner. If a standard user creates a file, the owner is marked as that user, and that counts towards that user's quota. There are a few of points to look out for:
          If a user gives read and write access to another user, and revokes their own access, the file still counts towards the original user's quota, unless they change the owner.
          Files created by an administrator are owned by the administrator account. It's a bad idea to give the administrator user a quota.
          Files in a recycle bin count towards a users quota.

          I think the OP wants to find out what files have the owner set as a specific user, as the quota is clearly showing a non-zero value.

          Might be able to help.


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            Re: Finding on server 2003 user owend data

            Thanks for your replies!! I'm sorry I wasen't clear.
            I found a handfull of good apps like AdvexSoft, ill try it out aswell.

            I got about 100GB of mixed data as there is no way around that .

            Thanks again!